Wellness Leader Workshop Application

Roots to Crown seeks wellness leaders across the St. Pete area.

We're looking for yoga teachers, meditation guides, breathwork teachers, sound healers, conscious movement instructors, kirtan leaders, and all other wellness leaders to share their practice with the community for our Spring Season, from the Vernal equinox (March 20th) until the Summer solstice (June 20th).


Workshops may be any length, but will typically be 2-4 hours. Please specify if it's meant to be a one-time event, a series, or recurring.

Workshops may be able to happen during the time scheduled for classes, but primarily will be offered

Friday 4 pm - 1 am (no amplified sound past midnight)

Saturday 4 pm - 1 am (no amplified sound past midnight)

Sunday 3pm - 7pm

Thanks for submitting!