Event Application

Roots to Crown seeks event producers across the St. Pete area.

Our goal for events at Roots to Crown is to create transcendent experiences, invoking moments of remembrance of our true identity, inspiring abiding awakening. Spiritual awakening was once shrouded in a veil of mystery, but today, it's accessible to everyone. Awakening can happen spontaneously, but it is often experienced in brief glimpses through a wide variety of experiences through meditation, movement, dance, ceremony, exhaustion, community connection, plant medicines, near-death experiences, sound, sleep deprivation, fasting, and many more. These states of consciousness are extremely powerful and can be difficult to access. 

We are looking for event producers to partner with on creating epic transcendent events who understand the intricacies of creating and maintaining a safe space for transcendent experiences to happen. Submit a proposal below if you'd like to work with us.


We also offer space for private rental for events such as weddings, business parties, corporate events. To request a date for rental, please submit your information below.

Roots to Crown Offers 3700 sq ft of floor space with indoor and outdoor amenities:

1200 sq ft climate controlled Indoor event space with carpet bonded foam floors, murals, speakers, lights, sound/light booth, bathroom and kitchen.

144 sq ft 'Heart Space Hot-Tub' private room

400 sq ft back patio with decorative plants, murals, 2 bathrooms, tables & seating

1800 sq ft indoor/outdoor hangar with  20ft ceilings, lights, stage, speakers, 20ft apothecary bar, tables & seating

(some sq ft is estimated, we're still under construction, this form will be updated soon, along with pictures)

Thanks for submitting!